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nin_daily's Journal

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WELCOME to the Nine Inch Nails pictures community, where pictures are posted daily. Unfortunately, here are the rules. We'll know if you haven't read them. ;)

1}- Pictures:
This is a pictures only community, people - all posts must include a picture. Feel free to introduce yourself. Just also include a picture. Want to talk about NIN? Go ahead. But, yeah, get the gist? Include a picture. Old picture, or new, no worries. We're not gonna hound you if you post a picture that has been seen before. Just go for it! :)

2}- Limits:
Ten pictures maximum - don't make multiple posts in one day to show one picture at a time. Group it all in one post please.

3}- Direct Linking:
Do not direct link from other people's websites. Don't have an imagehost? Look at Photobucket or ImageShack.
Dont know what direct-linking / hot-linking is? Look

4}- LJ-Cut:
Put all pictures behind the Lj-Cut. We don't want to risk screwing up people's friend pages. Please state how many pictures are behind the cut.

5}- Credit:
If it is possible, please give credit to the source of any pictures. :)

6}- Deleting:
Any posts that dont have a picture, will be deleted. Try not to have a post that consists of only tiny pictures or pictures of a bad quality. Gifs are more than welcome, just make sure you mention that it might affect people with dial up, and so on. :)

7}- Be Nice:
Last but not least, please be nice, peoples, just have fun. No bashing, homophobia, racism, no insulting or fights. Keep the drama to your own journals.

Now thats the rules over with, feel free to post pictures of Nine Inch Nails and enjoy your stay!


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If you have any questions, please contact either getmegone or wordsrevealed, your friendly mods. ;)

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